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– Aids in identifying SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, and Influenza B infection, within the primary seven days of symptom onset.

– Differentiates 3 infections in 1 test.

– Efficiently checks for 3 infections with only 1 affected person sample.

– Straightforward to use, minimal coaching required, no lab tools wanted.

– All-in-one package for point-of-care use and useful resource-restricted settings.

– Ends in 15 minutes.

Reagents and Supplies Provided:

Influenza A is a sort of virus that causes influenza (flu), a extremely contagious respiratory illness. For those who do get it, it is best swab test antigen harga to relaxation at home and avoid infecting others. Vaccination can protect you against influenza A. The other sorts of influenza viruses are sort B and type C. Influenza sorts A and B are the commonest causes of flu in Australia and could cause major outbreaks and critical illnesses. Influenza kind C can cause illness in kids just like the common chilly. Most people who get the flu are contaminated with the sort A influenza virus. This virus has triggered flu pandemics – the worldwide unfold of a new disease.

Tes mencari keberadaan RNA virus yaitu materi genetik virus. Ini menggunakan amplifikasi gen untuk mendeteksi keberadaan asam nukleat dari agen infeksi individu, dan teknologi ini mampu mendeteksi beberapa patogen dari spesimen pasien tunggal. Sampel cairan diambil dari usap hidung pasien dan hasilnya mungkin tersedia dalam beberapa menit tergantung pada berbagai faktor. Tes PCR menjanjikan spesifisitas yang tinggi.