Drug Research Tranexamic Acid


Oral:30 to 50% of a dose is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.


Not altered by food intake

Protein binding:

Very low (<3%), primarily to plasminogen, at therapeutic plasma concentrations, tranexamic acid does not bind to serum albumin.


Less than 5% of a dose is metabolized

Time to peak concentration:

Oral: Approximately 3 hours

You would possibly see niacinamide pop up in a topical product and in complement kind (we’ll explain the differences between the 2 and any potential side effects below) and surprise which one to decide on. Or perhaps you already grabbed a product with niacinamide off the Sephora shelf without 100% certainty of its potential perks. If you happen to aren’t fairly positive what niacinamide is or what it’s doing in your moisturizer, you’re not alone. Here’s what it is best to know about niacinamide deoxyarbutin powder benefits-and how to make use of niacinamide-before adding it to your pores and skin-care routine.

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