Types of Common Breast Enhancement Procedures

There are totally different types of cosmetic surgery, most of which are completed by taking tissue from one part of the body then transferring it to another. When a body part is defective, injured or lost, it is surgically repaired or restored by means of Reconstructive plastic surgery. Alternatively, cosmetic surgery aims to reinforce the way individuals look.

In both cases, recovery after going through the procedure will be extensive. For this reason, there should be a robust plan as well as help system ready. Also, those who decide to go under the knife must be patient in the course of the healing process and comply with the doctor’s instructions.

Recovery Time of Breast Enhancement Procedures

It could take from a month to a yr to recover utterly from breast augmentation, lifts, reconstruction and reduction. Although scars fade, there are cases when they do not absolutely disappear. Beneath are more information on the completely different types of breast procedures.


This surgical procedure goals to extend breast measurement, shape or fullness. The surgeon does this by placing silicon, saline or another composite breast implant underneath the breast tissue or chest muscles. Typically, such implants last from seven to 12 years. During the healing process, patients may need to make use of a support bra. After the procedure, they should wait for four to six weeks earlier than they can go back to their daily routine. Their scars will fade as time goes by however will not totally disappear.


Breast lift is a procedure executed to lift a lady’s sagging breasts upon her chest. The surgeon will do modifications on the breasts’ elevation, dimension and contour. The patient’s skin will be more sensitive and really feel numb. It will stay like this for about six weeks. Scars will be visible for a yr till they fade however not totally vanish.


Reconstruction goals to rebuild the form, dimension, symmetry and look of 1 or breasts. This procedure takes place after a mastectomy, congenital deformity or lumpectomy. It’s often carried out in a number of procedures and completely different stages. Some makes use of implants while others like flap reconstruction techniques use the patient’s tissue from one other body part to form a new breast. After the procedure is completed, bandages will be used to cover the injuries and a assist bra or elastic bandage may be worn to reduce swelling within the areas involved. Patients can go back to their normal lives after a month. The injuries will proceed to heal and scars will ultimately improve but not vanish completely.


The goal of reduction is to reduce the scale of big breasts. The surgeon removes excess fats from the breasts, skin and glandular tissue to acquire a breast dimension proportional to the entire body. Some patients determine on reduction to alleviate the discomfort felt with further large breasts. After this procedure, the incisions will be covered with dressings. Patients often wear a support bra to reduce swelling as well as assist the breasts while they’re healing. They’ll go back to their regular activities in about six weeks and scars will look less discoverable after a year.

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